Annual Winter Manure Spreading Ban Now in PlaceBan Is Effective from December 15 thru April 1

 Montpelier, VT / December 15, 2018 - The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets would like to remind all state farm operations that the 24th annual winter manure spreading ban is underway.   As required by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets’ (VAAFM) Required Agricultural Practices (RAPs), between December 15 and April 1, no manure or other agricultural wastes (including: compost and spoiled feed) may be spread on agricultural fields throughout Vermont. This annual ban is required by the RAPs, which is a part of VAAFM’s overall strategy to protect water quality, the working landscape, and natural resources. The ban is a regulation that has been in place since 1995.  A revision to the RAPs – newly effective in 2016 – continues the winter manure spreading ban while expanding the types of farm generated wastes which are prohibited from application in winter. The RAPs also prohibit the application of manure or agricultural wastes on frozen or snow-covered fields.  VAAFM works closely with farmers across the state to ensure the RAPs are understood and complied with. 
To read more about it: sites/ag/files/RAPsummaryPDF.pdf

White House Won't Stop Farm BillForestry Issues Won't Hold Up Farm Bill as More Details on Provisions Emerge

 WASHINGTON (DTN) -- President Donald Trump won't stop the farm bill over forestry issues and will instead direct Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to use all his powers to suppress forest fires, a knowledgeable source told DTN Thursday evening. The American Farm Bureau Federation, the National Farmers Union, the National Corn Growers Association and the National Association of Wheat Growers all called for quick passage of the farm bill conference report, even though the text has not been released. Even though Perdue and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said that the final farm bill should include provisions in the House-passed version to increase government agencies' authority to clear forest floors and thin trees, the White House will not insist on those provisions because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is not interested in making forestry a defining issue in the bill, the source said.

To read the full article go to:                                       

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Weekly Pricing for AMERIGAS                                  Exclusively for Farm Bureau Members

December 18th,  2018

  •                         COMMERCIAL - FARMS & Businesses
  • 0 – 2500 GALS                                                                   $1.66
  • 2501 – 6500 GALS                                                          $1.61
  • 6501 + GALS                                                                       $1.56
  •                                                    RESIDENTIAL
  • 0 – 400   Gallons                                                          $2.36
  • 401– 999   Gallons                                                     $2.16
  • 1000 +    Gallons                                                          $2.06

Weekly Pricing for Suburban Propane                   Exclusively for Farm Bureau Members

December 18th, 2018

  • Propane    1 - 999 gallons                               $2.7520
  • Propane     1000 - 4,999 gallons                 $2.4520
  • #2 Fuel Oil                                                                       $2.5365
  • Kerosene                                                                         $2.8285
  • On/Off Road Diesel                                              $2.6680