Our mission:

“To Be The Unifying Voice of Vermont Agriculture”

Vermont Farm Bureau is the state’s largest non-profit trade association of agricultural producers. We are proud to be a grassroots organization. All policies and priorities are determined by members at  the county level through a  democratic process that dates back to our beginning.

The original grass roots structure that gave the individual farmer delegate,  at the county level, control over the issues and solutions generated for the good of American agriculture was and continues to be respected.

More than 4000 member families throughout the fourteen counties have joined together to solve problems common to the agricultural community. Members join at the county level. Membership gives them access to all the benefits of:  their local county bureau, the Vermont Farm Bureau,  and the American Farm Bureau Federation (the world’s largest agricultural advocacy organization with over 6 million family members nation wide).

We have over 100 years of experience on issues related to agriculture  in Vermont. We are  the “Voice of Agriculture” in the Green Mountain state.  It is the continued respect for the grassroots policy development process and emphasis on every members input that makes the  Farm Bureau  an integral part of shaping public policy locally, statewide, and nationally.

ANYONE can join the Farm Bureau.  It is not necessary to be a farmer . What matters is that you have a concern for the future family farms and preservation of  Vermont’s rural character by:

  • analyzing and seeking out solutions to problems,
  • becoming educated about how you can help,
  • educating the future generation,
  • and seeking out opportunities to help others prosper.

Being a member means being a part of a larger family. The Farm Bureau is here to listen, learn, and help in any way possible. The saying, “it takes a village” is true. As long as we continue to work together, we will become stronger and more united in our efforts to help ourselves and future generations in our efforts to make our state the best it can possibly be!

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