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Amber Perry (802) 434-5646 or ambervtfb@gmavt.net

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One of our members was driving a large piece of farm machinery (a chopper) down a local road from one field to another.  He came to a narrow spot in the road and stopped to let traffic by in both directions, then proceeded into the lane.  Imagine his surprise when blue lights started flashing!  A local sheriff told the farmer he was “over-width” for the road and needed to pull his chopper off the road, park it and go home.  The farmer reminded the sheriff of the Right to Farm law and said he had no other way to get to his fields.  The sheriff continued to be quite aggressive about the “law”; the farmer continued to try and make him understand.  Finally, the farmer simply got in the chopper and drove to the field.

This farm is now talking to the selectboard in the town and planning to sponsor an educational meeting with the selectboard and the sheriff’s office.  This is great and absolutely pro-active, but as the farmer said, “Why is this MY job?  They should know the law!”  Please make sure you know your rights and responsibilities, and if anyone else has challenges, let us know so that we can figure out next steps. And thanks to the farmer for sharing this experience.

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Contacting representatives Email or in-Person

At the beginning of each term we publish the member names on each committee of agriculture. The members are easy to contact. It’s their first initial; last name @leg.state.vt.us with no spaces.  Please do not use their private home phone numbers, unless you have their permission.

House Committee on Agriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry

Rep. David Durfee, Chair, ddurfee@leg.state.vt.us

Rep. Heather Surprenant, Vice Chair, hsurprenant@leg.state.vt.us

Rep. Rodney Graham, Ranking Member, rgraham@leg.state.vt.us

Rep. Esme Cole, ecole@leg.state.vt.us

Rep. Josie Leavitt, jleavitt@leg.state.vt.us

Rep. Jed Lipsky, jlipsky@leg.state.vt.us

Rep. Henry Pearl, hpearl@leg.state.vt.us

Rep. John O’Brien, jobrien@leg.state.vt.us

Rep. Mike Rice, mrice@leg.state.vt.us

Rep. David Templeman, dtempleman@leg.state.vt.us

Rep. Charles Wilson, cwilson@leg.state.vt.us

Sydonia Axis Lary, Committee Assistant, slary@leg.state.vt.us 

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Senate Committee on Agriculture

Sen. Robert Starr, Chair, rstarr@leg.state.vt.us

Sen. Brian Collamore, Vice Chair, bcollamore@leg.state.vt.us

Sen. Richard Westman, rwestman@gmail.com

Sen. Brian Campion, bcampion@leg.state.vt.us

Sen. Irene Wrenner, Clerk, iwrenner@leg.state.vt.us

Linda Leehman, Committee Assistant, lleeman@leg.state.vt.us

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