Nick Kenyon Memorial Scholarship

The Nick Kenyon $1000 Memorial Scholarship Application Scholarship Description Nicholas Kenyon was a fourth-generation farmer, entrepreneur, and life-long resident of Waitsfield Vermont. He passed away unexpectedly in December 2021 and his family, friends and community came together to create a scholarship fund in his memory. Nick was proud to be a farmer and together with his family, he raised beef cattle, laying hens and worked with cattle dogs. He considered it an honor to produce quality food for others and was a resolute supporter of the agricultural community in our Green Mountain State. It was important to Nick that people understand where their food came from – the necessary labor, love and land required to feed people, to care for animals, and the immense pressure farmers face to produce so much with so little resources. Statement of Purpose To support young people’s pursuit of careers in farming, especially in the beef industry and for those interested in running small family farms. Eligibility To be eligible to receive this scholarship the applicant must: a) Be a high school senior planning to attend a post-secondary institution to seek a degree or complete a certificate program related to farming b) Be a Vermont resident c) Exhibit academic worthiness Scholarship Award The Award amount will be $1000. The amount will be payable and sent directly to the recipient upon notification to the committee that they are continuing their education. The award will be announced in July. Deadline Completed applications must be received by June 30th to be considered for the forthcoming academic year. To Apply: To apply for the Nick Kenyon Memorial Scholarship, please complete the information form below and submit a video of yourself answering the following questions: 1. What do you intend to study and why? 2. How does farming relate to your life? 3. Tell us a story that incorporates the idea of “Just another day on the farm” 4. What else would you like us to know about you? Submissions can be sent via email to Vermont Farm Bureau You can provide a link to your video for the committee to review. Any questions please contact the Vermont Farm Bureau at or 802-434-5646

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