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Members To Be Recognized at Vermont Farm Bureau's 103rd Annual Meeting and Conference November 2-3, 2018

Every year members are recognized for their exemplary service to agriculture at Vermont Farm Bureau’s Annual Meeting and Conference.  This year's meeting is November 2 -3 at Trader Duke's Hotel in Burlington.

Agriculture plays a critical role in Vermont's economy, and it's important to publicly recognize the individuals and families that produce, educate, and contribute to our beautiful state. Categories are:

Vermont Century Farm:  Century Award application

This award is given to recognize farmers who have maintained the home farm in the same family for 100 years or more.

Since 1953, the Vermont State Grange and the Vermont Farm Bureau have jointly sponsored the Vermont Century Farms Program. in doing so, the two organizations have continued a project begun in 1951 under the leadership of Dr. Arthur Wallace Peach, who was the director of the Vermont Historical Society.

The Cornwall Award: Cornwall Award Application

The Cornwall Award honors the best overall County Farm Bureau program in Vermont.  it is named in memory of Vermont Farm Bureau’s 1st president, Ellsworth B. Cornwall. It is in his honor, and in the tradition of leadership excellence that the truly dedicated and successful County Farm Bureaus, with their leaders and members, are proudly recognized.

Farm Woman of the Year Award:  Farm Woman of the Year Application

Selection of the winning farm woman is based on efforts in both the chosen occupation and leadership achievement.

Young Farmer Achievement Award:  Young Farmer Achievement Award Application

Vermont Farm Bureau  annually conducts a young farmer achievement award program. County Farm Bureaus are encouraged to promote this activity in their own county. Selection of the winning young farmer individual or family is based on their efforts in both their chosen occupation and leadership achievement.  Participation in this program with individual recognition and the resulting publicity will help build the organization.

Farm Family of the Year Award: Farm Family of Year Application 

Vermont Farm Bureau annually conducts an outstanding farmer award program. Selection of the winning farmer (farm family) is based on efforts in both the chosen occupation and leadership achievement

The Wallace award: The Wallace Award Application 

The Wallace Award is named for past Vermont Farm Bureau president, Keith Wallace and is presented annually in the spirit of recognizing vermont’s finest agriculturists. first presented in 1975, this highest award given by vVermont Farm Bureau honors individuals or couples for their distinguished lifetime service to agriculture.

Applications are due at the Farm Bureau office by October 1, 2018.  Mail to

Chris O'Keefe
Vermont Farm Bureau
117 West Main Street
Richmond, VT 05477


American Farm Bureau Federation ACTION ALERT to all farmers.

2018 FARM BILL: CRITICAL VOTE AHEAD: Contact Your Legislator Now to “VOTE YES!” to Get it Across the Finish Line. Send a message to your Legislator at https://www.fb.org/advocacy/farmbill/

Congressional leaders are planning another vote for the farm bill. Now is the time to reach out to your legislator and tell them to support the farm bill (H.R. 2).

Unfortunately, many in congress are using our farm bill as a political punching bag. Farmers and ranchers can’t afford to have the bill potentially broken apart or delayed any longer. Especially at a time when farming income is nearly half of what it was only a few years ago.

Those who voted “Yes” need to hear from you and know they did the right thing. America needs a strong farm bill and their continued support is critical.

The “No” voters need to hear from Farm Bureau members in their district as quickly as possible. They need to know that farmers and ranchers are watching and depending on them to support this important bill.

“H.R. 2—the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018—takes us one step closer to bringing certainty to families who face the toughest farm economy in more than a decade.”   
AFBF President Zippy Duvall

The Farm Bill faces challenges including potentially being broken apart and delays that would prevent it from passing before the existing Farm Bill expires this fall.  Farm Bureau is working with members of both the House and Senate to complete work on a bipartisan, bicameral bill that can be signed into law to sustain our nation’s food security.



Vermont Producer Association Grants Available

VAAFM now accepting applications on first-come, first-serve basis

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, & Markets began accepting applications for Producer Association Grants Thursday, May 3 at 9:00 AM on a first-come, first-serve basis for eligible applicants.

Eligible applicants are Vermont-based nonprofit producer association groups that represent and promote Vermont agriculture, food, beverage, forest, and fiber products. For the purposes of this grant, producer association group is an organization founded and funded by businesses that operate in a specific industry.

A total of $16,000 in grants funds are available and grants of $1,000-$2,000 will be awarded. Project proposals need to be part of an established, multi-year marketing plan and growth strategy of the industry represented and must end before November 15, 2018.

VAAFM expects funding to be allocated quickly. Other first come, first serve grants have been fully allocated within the first hour of the grant opportunity opening.

Questions related to the Vermont Producer Association Grant Program should be directed at (802) 505-1822 or alexandra.zipparo@vermont.gov



NEW Survey developed by UVM to understand farmer perspectives 

Understanding How Government Regulations Affect Farms and Farmers

Description:  A new research study at the University of Vermont seeks farmers for two opportunities to understand farmer perspectives about government regulations on their farms.  The project is funded by the James M. Jeffords Center for Policy Research at the University of Vermont.  The project will also interview state-level policymakers.

 Online Survey: Farmers can directly and immediately participate in an online survey about government regulations on their farms by going to: https://survey.uvm.edu/index.php/627721.   Survey responses are anonymous and farmers can be entered in a drawing for one of ten $50 cash compensations.  Questions about the online survey can be directed to Meredith Niles, Assistant Professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at UVM, at 802-656-4337 or mtniles@uvm.edu.

 Interviews: We also seek to interview farmers about their experience complying with government regulations on their farm, especially the Required Agricultural Practices (RAPS). Farmers are being sought to represent diverse agricultural industries, production methods, farm sizes, and generation (new farmers, multiple generation farmers).  Research will involve an audio-recorded interview, which will take approximately one hour.  Farmers will not be identified in the research outcomes and all information will remain anonymous.  For their time, farmers will be compensated $50. To express your interest for participating in the project, and schedule a time for an interview, please contact Courtney Hammond Wagner at 802-560-5587 or courtney.hammond@uvm.edu.






Required Agricultural Practices pass in Montpelier

On Thursday November 17, 2016 the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules, “LCAR”, met for the third time to discuss the Required Agricultural Practices Rules (“RAPs”) submitted by the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets.  LCAR had also previously discussed and taken testimony on the proposed rules on October 20th, and November 3rd .  On this final day of discussion they also agreed unanimously to send a letter with attachments to the committees of jurisdiction outlining residual concerns they have about enforcement, funding and definitions.

Vermont Farm Bureau President, Joseph Tisbert, was present at all three meetings and testified on behalf of Vermont Farm Bureau members.  He testified that a state funding mechanism should be in place before the rules were finalized, because compliance may cause economic hardship for some farmers.     

Members of LCAR spoke highly of Vermont farmers willingness to improve the water quality of Lake Champlain.  Everyone was thanked for their hard work in getting the rules done as it has been an ongoing process over the last several years. Participants were also thanked for their testimony to ensure that the rules were fair to all and comprehensible. 

After the rules being finalized, Tisbert said "It is now time for farmers to work together toward understanding the rules fully and learning how to apply them to their farming practices. Vermont Farm Bureau will work hard to ensure its members apply for and obtain funding. We intend to work with the Secretary of Agriculture, Food and Markets,  Phil Scott and the legislature, to ensure that the rules are clear, and easy to follow.  Farmers should bring any implementation issues of the RAP's to the Vermont Farm Bureau Office, so our Lobbyist, Jackie Folsom, and I can bring them immediately to our legislatures attention." Final copy of the RAP's 


Help American Farm Bureau Shape the 2018 Farm Bill 

Fill out their survey. Leadership on both the House and Senate Agriculture Committees have indicated that they plan to begin working on the 2018 Farm Bill early next year.  Farm Bureau members need to be ready to answer a few very basic questions if we are going to continue to try and shape farm policy to meet our risk management needs for the future. To fill out the survey at http://www.fb.org/farmbillworkinggroup/docs/

American Farm Bureau has posted an 8 minute video detailing budget issues for the upcoming  Farm Bill Debate by Mary Kay Thatcher -