Policy & Legislative Priorities


2018 Legislative Priorities

Will be posted soon.

2017 Legislative Priorities


Act as a Unifying Voice in Agriculture 

Vermont Farm Bureau will work to bring all farmers together during the 2017 Legislative session regardless of their political views and agricultural practices.  We believe as a united voice we will have a much greater impact on legislative issues. 


Defining the Required Agricultural Practices 

Vermont Farm Bureau will work with others on definitions in the RAPs to ensure that they  are clear, concise and easily understood by our members.  We will help our farmers to understand and put into place the required agricultural practices, and give them information that will allow them to access all available funds for doing so.


Vermont Farm Bureau will help legislators find suitable, adequate funding for Vermont’s Farmers to comply with the RAPs.

Grace Period

Vermont Farm Bureau supports a grace period for penalties on Water quality violations if the farmer  is on “the RAP compliance pathway, and there is no money available to fix the problem. . We believe penalties should not  be assessed until there is funding in place for the improvements. 

Equipment and Education through UVM Extension

Vermont Farm Bureau will encourage the State  of Vermont to use UVM extension to educate and provide farmers with  clean up tools, methodologies and adaptive technologies for Vermont ‘s water quality initiatives.


Vermont Farm Bureau supports efforts to stabilize farm labor supply and  costs. We have been asked to provide concrete evidence of Department of Labor audits of independent contractors. In addition we must bring forward concrete evidence of Workers Comp premiums, which are excessive and economically harmful to the member.