Jackie Folsom will be representing VTFB at the following meetings:


   Jackie is spending a considerable amount of time at the Statehouse during the        2019 Legislative Session. Her focus is on the House & Senate Committees for        Agriculture & Forestry, and Natural Resources, Fish, & Wildlife. 

   See their schedules here: 



                                                                  County Meetings

                                         Stay Tuned for Meeting Times and Places


 Please feel free to email or call the state office to report any upcoming meetings.

   Email:                    Phone:  802-434-5646



Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets Calendar Link:



2019 UVM Extension Winter Conferences Calendar

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Feb 8th (Fri)        Industrial Hemp  

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Feb 12th (Tues)   Transferring the Farm Workshop

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Feb 21st (Thu)     10th Annual Hop 

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Feb 21st (Thu)     Vegetable Nutrient Management Workshop

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Feb 28th (Thu)     No-Till Cover Crop Symposium

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Mar 13th (Wed)    Growing Organic Corn Production in the Champlain Valley

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Mar 14th (Thu)    9th Vermont Organic Dairy Producers

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Mar 28th (Thu)    15th Annual Grain Growers

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Feb 1st , 2019      Forest Management Activity Reports

 Document Link (click here)

Extensions may be granted if the landowner can prove to the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation that he/she had been prevented by accident, mistake, or misfortune from filing the FMAR by the February 1st deadline.    For more information, visit their website


Feb 6th, 2019     Water Quality and/or Dairy Improvement Grants

Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program has grant funds available for farmers to complete capital improvement projects. Eligible farmers can apply for this last scheduled VHCB grant.  Both programs provide grants of between $5,000 and $40,000. 


To read more and apply for a Water Quality grant:

To read more and apply for a Dairy improvement grant: