Vermont Farm Bureau was established in 1915. It continues to bring farmers and non-farmers together as advocates. Along with the other 49 states, Vermont works with the American Farm Bureau and associated organizations in this effort. We pride ourselves in offering unbiased information to all.

                                                  In 2019, we are offering a variety of internships.                                                                                 Please read on for additional information regarding each internship opportunity.

                                                          VT Farm Bureau Lobbying Interns (2)            

   Location:  Vermont State House, Montpelier, VT            Hours:  Tuesday morning thru Friday afternoon    

   Working with our full-time lobbyist, means that you will be given the opportunity to research, analyze, and         potentially influence policy at the state level. 

      What Will You Do?

                                Be available prior to the Legislative Session to discuss: policy, how the Legislature is                                          conducted, the process and schedule, how to find related items on the web, and parking and                                  other housekeeping items

       Desired Qualifications

                                                VT Farm Bureau Field Intern

 Location:  Vermont Farm Bureau, Richmond, VT       Hours:     32 per week   (24 hours field, 8 hours office)

       What Will You Do?

                                 Reach out to current Farm Bureau members.

      Desired Qualifications

      Bureau staff and the president of the Farm Bureau

                                               VT Farm Bureau Public Relations Intern

 Location:  Vermont Farm Bureau, Richmond, VT    Hours:     Up to 28 per week    

     What Will You Do?

                                Reach out to and visit current Farm Bureau members, research, collect, and deliver                                               information and stories the farmers offer, the Vermont Farm Bureau staff and the president                                   of the Farm Bureau. Your projects could potentially be featured on our website and other                                     social media.  *It is anticipated that you will eventually travel with the president to county                                   meetings to present the data you gathered. 

      Desired Qualifications

 To apply for an internship with Vermont Farm Bureau, send an email with a letter of interest, a one-paragraph     writing sample, and available hours to Lyn Des Marais at:                

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